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WOT Security - Case Study

Project Type: CRM System Country: UK

WOT Security contacted Co-Development with a requirement for a system capable of importing Microsoft Excel templates returned by customers. The templates contain customer information relating to keys, locks and key codes.

After discussing the requirements with WOT Security, Co-Development began work on building a M icrosoft Access system which would import templetes returned by customers in Microsoft Excel format. Screens were designed and built which allowed the user to maintain customer and product information. Once written, further reports were added to allow WOT Security to analyze data. In total 5 screens were written which allowed addition, viewing and maintenance of data within the system. To maintain data integrity and allow usefull reporting where possible user input was selected from static “lookup” data withing dropdown lists.

WOT Security

WOT Security

WOT Security

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“I highly recommend Phil's work. He produced exactly what we needed.”

Andrew A. Project Type: Design MS Access Database Country: UK (Bicester)

Great communication, great advice and a good job done. Will definitely use Phillip again in the future.

Paul M. Project Type: Design MS Access Database Country: UK (Gt Manchester)

Another job well done. As always, Phil goes the extra mile. Thanks again.

Catherine L. Project Type: Modifications to existing 3rd Party ASP.Net application Country: Portugal (Albufeira)

Phil took the brief and interpreted it excellently. He added his expert view took the time to explain things well yet listened and applied our sometimes odd requests. Pleased with the outcome and support and I would highly recommend Phil's work and approach.

Hannah H. Project Type: Maintain & re-design MS Access Database Country: UK (London)
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