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Our team of professional C# and VB.NET software engineers at Co-Development is ready to complete your projects or supplement your existing development team.


Building software components for distributed deployment necessitates the use of a general-purpose, object-oriented, and portable programming language. All of these characteristics are present in C#, a high-level, relatively simple but durable, and type-safe programming language developed by Microsoft.


.NET is a C# framework. Despite being 20 years old, C# and VB.NET tools are powerful for the modern-day development of web applications, augmented reality applications, IoT, machine learning, and cloud services that are critical to your business operations.

C# is essentially a simple modern programming language that provides your company with limitless end-to-end development opportunities. It is simple and efficient, does not require complex code stacks, and is widely reusable.


The NET Framework Class Library exposes all of the framework's functionality to our Co-Development developers. In addition,VB.Net will accelerate the development of C# web and desktop apps, allowing you to create dependable desktop, client/server, distributed, and web applications with Microsoft.

Features of our C# & VB.NET service


For rapid application development, we use the Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site MVC and HTML5 technologies. C #'s class library allows us to quickly and easily implement multiple functions.

Layer approach

The Microsoft stack enables us to create modern N-tier data applications that are divided into multiple tiers, typically a presentation tier, a middle tier, and a data tier.


C# and VB.NET are powerful enough to create large, mission-critical software and desktop/web applications. Many enterprise solutions, including Stackoverflow, are built on it.


C# is a beautiful and type-safe object-oriented programming language that allows developers to create a wide range of secure and robust applications that run on the.NET Framework.

Strong base

C# and VB.Net are built on the CLR (Common Language Runtime), which allows them to be easily integrated with components written in other CLR-compatible languages as well as many of Microsoft's proprietary tools and technologies. Because the VB.NET framework is standardized, it can run on other platforms, including Linux-based Mono platforms.


Our C# and VB.NET solutions are extremely scalable. Any additional load necessitates only additional resources rather than extensive modification of the application itself.


AT Co-Development, we create custom Microsoft Access solutions for businesses in the UK and abroad. Co-Development provides the best Microsoft Access service to clients based on our experience with Microsoft Access. Most businesses, large or small, have a large amount of data and a variety of non-integrated applications. When data is extracted and analyzed correctly, it is obvious that it can be managed more effectively and efficiently.

That is why, at Co-Development, we strive to provide you with solutions that are unique to you and your company. We can use Microsoft Access to supplement and fill gaps in your existing systems, assist in the integration of data from various disparate applications, and provide you with a completely customized application at a fraction of the cost.

We provide a wide range of Microsoft Access solutions to you and your business, including, but not limited to, the following.

Customer case studies

This is just a small selection from Co-Developments customer case studies.

Clients Love


“Phil has stuck with us through a challenging project; his technical ability is outstanding as are his communication skills. We look forward to working with Phil on future projects.”

Holly W. Project Type: Convert Access 2003 Application to Access 2010 Country: UK (Solihull)

“I highly recommend Phil's work. He produced exactly what we needed.”

Andrew A. Project Type: Design MS Access Database Country: UK (Bicester)

Great communication, great advice and a good job done. Will definitely use Phillip again in the future.

Paul M. Project Type: Design MS Access Database Country: UK (Gt Manchester)

Another job well done. As always, Phil goes the extra mile. Thanks again.

Catherine L. Project Type: Modifications to existing 3rd Party ASP.Net application Country: Portugal (Albufeira)

Phil took the brief and interpreted it excellently. He added his expert view took the time to explain things well yet listened and applied our sometimes odd requests. Pleased with the outcome and support and I would highly recommend Phil's work and approach.

Hannah H. Project Type: Maintain & re-design MS Access Database Country: UK (London)
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